Remote Outback 7 -Day Tour

Mt Augustus, Dirk Hartog Island, Wooleen Station

This unique and highly experiential Western Australian tour includes two night stay at Mt. Augustus the worlds largest inselberg , an overnight stay on Dirk Hartog Island. Hear the history of the island on a day tour up to Inscription Point.and overnight stay at Wooleen Station

Tour Dates

4 July 2019

Tour Price

$8741.00 per person Double / Twin Share

$ 9580.00 Single

Fully inclusive as indicated below.

What is included.

Discover Remote Western Australia

Outback Adventure.

Personalise touring in Luxury 4WD vehicle.

 Max of 4 passengers.

National Park Entry’s

Entry for experiences,

Wooleen Station Sunset, Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum, Scenic Flight return from Denham to Dirk Hartog Island, DHI Tour to Inscription Point, Ocean Park Aquarium

All meals

Continental breakfast, Picnic lunches and BBQ dinners with salad at Mt Augustus

Other accommodation cooked breakfasts or continental,

Lunches will vary from cafés, picnics and road houses.

Dinners, as described for Mt Augustus. Dinner at Wooleen Station, Dinner at Dirk Hartog Island,  Picnic Fish and Chips, Restaurants, regional hotels,


Wooleen Station with shared facilities,

Mt Augustus Fully Self-contained unit consists of bedroom, kitchen & bathroom. 2 nights.

Quality Inn Carnarvon

Dirk Hartog Island Eco Lodge

Denham Heritage Resort

Day 1 – Perth, Wooleen Station.

Perth, Bindoon, Three Springs, Mullewa and Wooleen Station

Pickup 6 am

After morning tea at Bindoon Bakehaus we continue to drive the Midlands road to Three Springs, Mullewa and Wooleen Station.

Wooleen Station a remarkable station that has experienced different stewardships and philosophies of grazing sheep and cattle.

The link below is a wonderful familiarisation of Wooleen Station.

Australian Story Wooleen Station

Enjoy a Sunset Tour and hear how the Pollock family are now working towards making Wooleen an ecologically sustainable enterprise and slowly reintroducing a small number of cattle. This is an extraordinary story.

The tour finishes with sunset drinks and nibbles on a large granite outcrop.

Enjoy Dinner with our hosts David and Frances their team and other homestead guests.


Accommodation: Wooleen Station

Day 2 – Wooleen Station, Mt Augustus

Murchison Settlement, Mt Augustus 

Up early and before a delicious country style cooked breakfast take a look around the out buildings near by the homestead to explore the old tools and memorabilia in the museum sheds.

This morning we will be touring through isolated station properties or pastoral leases heading north to Mt Augustus

Visit Emu Hill to view the spectacular sunset colours on Mt Augustus rock.



Accommodation: Mt Augustus

Day 3 – Mt Augustus

Mt. Augustus is the worlds largest inselberg, inland mountain which rises 715 m out the surrounding alluvial plain.

Mount Augustus is known as Burringurrah to the local Wajarri Aboriginal people.  

The Mount Augustus Sandstone, at about 1.6 billion years old, and is about three times older than the sandstone of Uluru estimated to be around 600 million years.

Importantly, this is different to the age of the actual landform – the island mountain (inselberg) called Mount Augustus.

Today we visit sights along the perimeter of Mt Augustus visiting

Flintstone Rock is a large slab of rock which bridges the rocky gully. Under this rock you can observe Aboriginal engravings.

At Cattle Pool reveals tranquil scenes River Gums and waterbirds from the south bank of the Lyons River.

Gum Grove leads walkers through a shady grove of gnarly white-barked river red gums.

Mundee and Edney’s lead you to Wajarri (local aboriginal) engravings (petroglyphs).

Visit a nearby lookout for a sunset over the plains of the Mt Augustus National Park.


Accommodation: Mt Augustus

Day 4 -  Mt Augustus, Gascoyne Junction, Carnarvon

Our trip across to Carnarvon on the coast tours through spectacular changing scenery distant hills and ranges, soil types and see nearby homesteads of stations.

Lunch at Gascoyne Junction on the junction of the Gascoyne River and Lyons River. Gascoyne Junction is a small community and a centre for mining, pastoral and desert merino fine wool industries and serves as a gateway to nearby attractions such as Mount Augustus National Park and Kennedy Ranges.

After lunch on to Carnarvon where the outback meets the coast is a regional hub that provides essential services to the surrounding areas. The township lies at the mouth of the Gascoyne River and supports horticultural and fishing industries.

We visit the Carnarvon One Mile Jetty Heritage Precinct. The One Mile Jetty was built in 1897 and was the first port in Australia to transport commercial live stock by sea on a regular basis. State ships stopped in Carnarvon on average twice a week until they ceased operations in 1966.

This evening be tempted by a picnic dinner of local fresh Fish and Chips watching the late sunset.

Accommodation: Quality Inn Carnarvon

Day 5 – Carnarvon, Denham, Dirk Hartog Island

OTC Centre, Hamelin Pool Stromatolites, Shell Beach, Eagle Bluff

Carnarvon is a diverse and laid back town where the outback meets the coast. It is recognised as a food bowl region, well known for its bananas, mangoes, and luscious seafood and taste sensation not to be missed are Chocolate Bananas. There is a rich indigenous culture, as well as stations producing wool and cattle.

This morning we visit the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum, Carnarvon Tracking Station and the OTC Satellite Earth Station. The station was built to support NASA’s Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs, before making our way down the coast to Shark Bay Denham.

From here we will journey to the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and marvel at the astonishing world-class natural attractions in the region. Shark Bay is well known for its white beaches, turquoise waters and rust-red sand dunes. It is primarily renowned for both its terrestrial and marine life. It is nature at its most pure.

Next stop is Hamelin Pool to view to view Stromatolites, which are one of the earliest forms of life to evolve on our planet. Living fossils, part of the earth’s evolutionary history.

Further up the peninsular we will visit Shell Beach which is home to billions of tiny Cardiid Cockle; the 60 km stretch of beach is covered to a depth of some seven to ten metres.

A stop at Eagle Bluff will give you a scenic view over the coast; you might be lucky enough to spot Lemon Sharks, Stingrays, Turtles or Dugongs.

Today, we take a scenic flight across Shark Bay's beautiful turquoise waters to Dirk Hartog Island, with a diverse and fascinating history… Our overnight stay.

Accommodation: Dirk Hartog Island


Day 6 –  Dirk Hartog Island  Denham

Whilst on this fascinating Island, enjoy a full day’s 4WD tour to historic Cape Inscription, famous Dampier Landing, and Turtle Bay.

Discover the amazing story and history of Dirk Hartog Island. The visit of Dirk Hartog 25th October 1616 , Captain William de Vlamingh 1697 and Captain William Dampier 1699 all before Captain Cook discovered New Zealand and New South Wales at Botany Bay on the east coast of Australia 1770

Von Bibra applied for a pastoral lease on the island to farm sheep 1867. and Sir Thomas Wardle decided to purchase the island’s pastoral lease for himself.

Early 1990’s - The price of wool declined dramatically and in 1993 Dirk Hartog Island took its first steps into tourism under the leadership of Kieran and Tori Wardle. An inspirational story!

From a station raising sheep for wool and today transforming into a National Park reintroducing rare and endangered fauna.

Accommodation: Denham Heritage Hotel

Day 7 – Denham to Perth

Denham, Ocean Park Aquarium, Geraldton, Perth

Before leaving the region visit Ocean Park Aquarium. Watch the raw ferocity of sharks feeding; see endangered sea turtles, highly venomous sea snakes, discover the secret lives of clownfish (Nemo), stingrays, visit the rescued sea turtles, excruciating stonefish with our entertaining tour guide. Highly entertaining.

We visit HMAS Sydney Memorial; the beautifully designed memorial features a silver dome of 645 seagulls to represent the loss of HMAS Sydney sailors.

Visit Yamiji Art Gallery Yamaji Art is a 100% Aboriginal owned & operated art centre in Mid West, Western Australia

Yamaji Art provides professional services to support and develop Aboriginal artists living in the Lower Murchison region of Yamaji Country with a focus on sustaining cultural maintenance and arts practice while creating economic benefit.

After lunch we continue on to Perth.