Dirk Hartog Island, Wooleen Station, Monkey Mia 7-Day Tour

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This unique and highly experiential Western Australian tour includes a scenic flight to Dirk Hartog Island. Hear the history of the island on a day tour up to Inscription Point.

This tour can also be operated in the Wildflower Season August and September 2019

Tour Dates

  • 3 May 2019

  • 4 July 2019

Tour Highlights

  • See Coastal beach sand dunes

  • Visit Pinnacles Desert

  • Pink lake Hutt Lagoon

  • One Hour Dolphin Cruise, see dolphins, dugongs, turtles (Seasonal)

  • Murchison River Gorges - The Loop and Nature’s Window a natural rock arch that frames the upstream views of the rich red layered sandstone gorges

  • Shark Bay World Heritage Area

  • Hamelin Pool to view Stromatolites

  • Eagle Bluff to view bird life, dugongs, sharks, dolphins and manta rays

  • Shell Beach home to billions of tiny Cardiid Cockle

  • Visit HMAS Sydney Memorial

  • Pot Alley for ocean gorges at Kalbarri

  • Yamaji Art Centre which is Aboriginal owned and operated

  • Dirk Hartog Island, including scenic flight and 4WD tour to Inscription Point

  • Wooleen Station and Sunset Tour

  • Touring through Pastoral Leases and Stations

  • New Norcia Tour of Town and Museum and Art Gallery

Tour Inclusions


  • Dongara Hotel Motel

  • Kalbarri Edge Resort,

  • Monkey Mia (2 Nights)

  • Wooleen Station (Shared Facilities)

  • Dalwallinu Wheatlands Motel


  • Breakfast daily, either continental or cooked.

  • Picnic morning teas.

  • Lunch daily, either light picnic style sandwiches, wraps, or other take away from road houses or packed picnic lunches and soft drinks.

  • Dinner - two course .

Entry fees

  • Nambung National Park (The Pinnacles desert)

  • Shark Bay World Heritage Area / Monkey Mia Entry Fees

  • Kalbarri National Park

  • Dirk Hartog Island and 4WD island tour

Farm visits

  • Dirk Hartog Island Scenic Flight and 4WD tour

  • One Hour Dolphin Cruise (Seasonal)

  • Wooleen Station Sunset Tour

  • New Norcia Tour of Town Museum and Art Gallery

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Day 1 - Perth to Dongara 

Perth, Pinnacles, Hi–Vallee Farm, Dongara

Pickup 7 am

After morning tea at Lancelin we continue to drive up to the Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park. The Pinnacles Desert contains many thousands of limestone pillars, resembling an ancient ruin. In geological terms the Pinnacles are a modern phenomenon, beginning to form as 'recently' as three and a half million years ago, and appearing as they are today between two million and twenty thousand years ago. Astonishing!

We will drive into the Pinnacles Desert on the four kilometre trail and make stops for you to get out of the vehicle to take in this phenomena and to take pictures.

Enjoy lunch at Don and Joy Williams of Hi Vallee Farm at Badgingarra near Mount Lesueur and Eneabba.

Don and Joy run wildflower tours on their very rich and diverse private national park for over 20 years. On their working sheep and grain property we visit pristine native vegetation with four declared rare and 38 priority plant species, wildflowers, birds and fauna.

 “Hi –Vallee” with some of the most diverse and varied plant species in the world has been described by Dr Stephen Hopper Director of Kew Gardens, as the most valuable native bushland in private ownership.

This afternoon we follow the coast up to Dongara our overnight stay taking in delightful scenic bays.


Accommodation: Dongara Hotel Motel

Day 2 - Dongara to Kalbarri

Dongara, Coalseam, Geraldton  Hutt Lagoon, Kalbarri

Today we will see what most people think of when they think Western Australia Wildflowers, expanses of pink, yellow and white everlasting daisies in the Coalseam Conservation Reserve and along isolated roads.

After lunch at Ellendale Pool a stunning water hole naturally formed along the picturesque Greenough River we visit Geraldton the commercial centre for the Mid-West region, exporting Iron Ore, Mineral Sands, Wheat, Barley and Western Australian Rock Lobster.

We visit HMAS Sydney Memorial; the beautifully designed memorial features a silver dome of 645 seagulls to represent the loss of HMAS Sydney sailors.

Visit Yamiji Art Gallery Yamaji Art is a 100% Aboriginal owned & operated art centre in Mid West, Western Australia

Yamaji Art provides professional services to support and develop Aboriginal artists living in the Lower Murchison region of Yamaji Country with a focus on sustaining cultural maintenance and arts practice while creating economic benefit.

Visit Northampton one of the oldest settlements outside Perth today it is classified by the National Trust as a Historic Town view John Hawes architect style of local Catholic Church Our Lady in Ara Coeli

The natural reef surrounding the Port Gregory bay, has led to the use of the area as a port for lead from Geraldine mine, whaling, salt and wool. Visit nearby Hutt Lagoon we see a vivid pink salt lake where beta-carotene is harvested for commercial use.

On our way into Kalbarri visit the stunning sights along the coast, Pot Alley highlighting the coastal gorges and magnificent scenery.

Kalbarri is nestled at the Murchison River mouth and surrounded by stunning coastline, soaring river gorges and protected bays


Accommodation: Kalbarri Edge Resort

Day 3 - Kalbarri to Monkey Mia

Kalbarri, Shark Bay, Natures Window, Stromatolites, Shell Beach, Eagle Bluff, Denham, Monkey Mia

Visit amazing Kalbarri National Park for spectacular views of the Murchison River Gorges to see The Loop and Nature’s Window a natural rock arch that frames the upstream views.

Wonder at the astonishing world-class natural attractions in the region of Shark Bay of Western Australia known as the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Shark Bay was World Heritage listed in 1991. Shark Bay inscribed 1991 for its natural values. Shark Bay contains unique, rare and superlative natural phenomena and formations and features of exceptional natural beauty, including Stromatolietes, wide sweeping beaches of shells at Lharidon Bight.

Shark Bay is also known for its white beaches, turquoise waters and rust-red sand dunes. It is primarily renowned for both its terrestrial and marine life. Nature at its most pure.

Hamelin Pool to view to view Stromatolites, which is one of the earliest forms of life to evolve on our planet. Living fossils, part of the earth’s evolutionary history.

Further explored Shark Bay visit  Shell Beach home to billions of tiny Cardiid Cockle. Shell Beach is covered for a 60km-long stretch to a depth of some seven to ten metres

Eagle Bluff a scenic viewpoint to look over the coast maybe spot a Lemon Shark, Stingrays, Turtle or a Dugong.

Continue on to Monkey Mia Resort our overnight stay. Before dinner go for a walk along the beach to see the Dolphins or go for a refreshing swim or enjoy drinks watching the sunset.


Accommodation: Monkey Mia Resort

Day 4 - Dirk Hartog Island

Today, we take a scenic flight across Shark Bay's beautiful turquoise waters to Dirk Hartog Island, with a diverse and fascinating history…

  • 25th October 1616 - Captain Dirk Hartog arrived on the Eendracht and announced his arrival by leaving an inscribed plate with his name and date of arrival.

  • 1697 - Flemish Captain William de Vlamingh landed at Cape Inscription and found Dirk Hartog’s plate. As the plate was badly weathered, Vlamingh copied the record on to another plate and added his own record.

  • August 1699 - Captain William Dampier anchored and surveyed the northern end of Dirk Hartog Island.

  • 1772 - French Captain Alesne de St Allouran landed on the island and claimed it in the name of the French King. As proof of his presence, he buried a parchment and two French coins nearby which lay undiscovered until 1998.

  • 1818 - Louis de Freycinet came to Shark Bay and removed the plate from Cape Inscription. He returned to Europe where it was presented to the French Academy in Paris. The Vlamingh Plate then disappeared until 1940.

  • Early 1800’s - the island’s most significant industries were guano mining and pearling.

  • 1867 - Von Bibra applied for a pastoral lease on the island to farm sheep. Two years later, the lease was granted and the first sheep were transported to Dirk Hartog Island.

  • 1908 - Construction began on the Cape Inscription lighthouse (quarters for the lighthouse keepers, a storehouse, oil store and stables). Completed in 1910. A jetty and a tramway were also subsequently built to facilitate the delivery of goods to the lighthouse. The freight was hauled up the cliffs on the tramway by a horse-operated winch.

  • 1968 - The Australian government decided to sell the island to the highest bidder and Sir Thomas Wardle decided to purchase the island’s pastoral lease for himself.

  • Early 1990’s - The price of wool declined dramatically and in 1993 Dirk Hartog Island took its first steps into tourism.

Whilst on this fascinating Island, enjoy a full day’s 4WD tour to historic Cape Inscription, famous Dampier Landing, and Turtle Bay, as well as a delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Accommodation: Monkey Mia Resort

Day 5 - Shark Bay to Wooleen Station

Dolphin cruise, Murchison, Wooleen Station

This morning  experience a very special breakfast watching the dolphins come in close to the shore. After breakfast walk down on the beach to see the dolphins being fed and to hear their story being in Shark Bay.

Join a one  hour long boat cruise to see the dolphins in their natural environment and other wonderful sea creatures of the Shark Bay area. Dugongs, turtles, stingrays, lemon sharks, nervous sharks and Sponge Dolphins.

After the Cruise set off to Wooleen Station.

We  track  through pastoral country to the little settlement of Murchison and see seasonal wildflowers along the way.

Wooleen Station a remarkable station that has experienced different stewardships and philosophies of grazing sheep and cattle.

The link below is a wonderful familiarisation of Wooleen Station.

Australian Story Wooleen Station

Enjoy a Sunset Tour and hear how the Pollock family are now working towards making Wooleen an ecologically sustainable enterprise and slowly reinterducing a small number of cattle. This is an extrordinary story. The tour finishes with sunset drinks and nibbles on a large granite outcrop.


Accommodation: Wooleen Station

Day 6 - Wooleen Station to Dalwallinu

Wooleen Station, Pindar, Dalwallinu

Up early and before a delcious country style cooked breakfast take a look around the out buildings near by the homestead to explore the old tools and memorabilia in the museum sheds.

This morning we will be touring through isolated station properties or pastoral leases  heading south and we will be making regular stops to take in the landscape and view the wildflowers.

At Pindar we will be seeing the iconic Wreath Flower Lechenaultia macrantha.

 Further on we will be exploring various regions for the best regional flowers, everlasting daisies, grevillea, hakea, native fox glove, a chance to see rare and endangered regional flora and the iconic Lechenaultia macrantha common name wreath Lechenaultia which is an absolute must see.


Accommodation: Wheatlands Motel

Day 7 - Dalwallinu to Perth

Wongan Hills, New Norcia

This morning visit Wongan Hills, The Hills has the largest single area of natural vegetation remaining in the Northern Wheatbelt. Wongan Hills' flora is extremely diverse with more than 250 species of flowering plants.

There are five species of gazette rare flora in the Wongan Hills Nature Reserve, and numerous species of priority flora. We will visit one sight that has the rare Wongan Cactus -  Daviesia Euphorbioides, explore the local orchids and take a look around the area.

Tour to New Norcia visit the Heritage Museum and Art Gallery and  join the tour of the town which affords you to go into various building not open to the public. Visit the Abbey Church, the Educations Centre, St Ildephonsus and St Gertrude’s boarding schools.

Be amazed seeing tall Spanish style buildings in the Wheatbelt. New Norcia is home to a community of Benedictine Monks. New Norcia is Australia’s only Monastery town.

After lunch at the New Norcia Hotel we return to Perth

We will have you back into Perth 5pm.